Online Game Review: Kingdom Rush Frontiers
2 years ago

Online Game Review: Kingdom Rush Frontiers

I love tower defense games–especially the ones that let you have soldiers on the battlefield. The only problem is usually you’ll get a generic boring uninspired tower defense game. Not so with kingdom rush frontiers, which has a quality akin to that of Ninjatown, one of my favorite games for the DS. It’s hard to say what makes a good tower defense game, but having a number of strategies you can employ is a good start, and with around 20 different towers, Kingdom Rush has that down.

You start the game with the 4 basic towers, the archer tower which is a good mid tier ranged tower, a mage’s guild, which delivers high amounts of damage, artillery which handles hordes, and my favorite the barracks which spawns 3 soldiers onto the battlefield which ties up enemy units long enough for my archer towers to take care of them.

Beyond the towers, there is a good number of options, you have powers, some with very high refresh rates, or ones with dismal refresh rates which should only be used once a game. There are also heroes, and options to upgrade your heroes or towers. You can tell the developers put a lot of time into the game. The graphics work, and the music score isn’t too shabby. There are also comics used to illustrate the story, which are a nice touch.

Honestly, this is a pretty full fledged game, which I could play for hours. There are separate difficulties, and while on normal difficulty, the game never seems too hard or easy, just a steady ramping up in difficulty. I don’t know what makes Kingdom rush so addicting, but it seems that everything is well balanced and that the developers really put a lot into it. From the comic to the diverse amounts of strategies you can employ.

You can check out the game yourself here.

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