Best Way to Remove Glittery Makeup
2 years ago

Best Way to Remove Glittery Makeup

Glitter–it is a makeup product that gets a lot of play during the holidays, kind of like a glittering trail of evidence that tells the world exactly where you’ve been. Stepping out with a smoky glitter eye just seems right, until the following day when it’s all over your pillow (or his) and hanging around long after you want it. Rather than scrub your skin until it’s red, try these steps for removing glittery makeup. You can also cut down on “fairy dust spread” by putting it on last, after you’ve primped your hair and put on your party clothing.

Reach for an oil-based makeup remover. Yep, you heard me right–oil-based. Glitter, whether it’s glitter-infused eyeshadow or straight up face glitter has sharp edges that can really damage your eyes. Oil based makeup removers will make removing this product a bit easier.

Squirt the makeup remover or baby oil on a cotton pad. It needs to be good and soaked.
Pat the pad on your eye, keeping the eye closed firmly. Lean over a sink to catch any drips.
Press the pad lightly and hold it in place for 5 to 10 seconds. It should slide right off. Repeat the process for your other eye.
Cleanse your face with a creamy cleanser.
Pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

Now get some tape. If you’ve got Christmas gift tape hanging around, this is a great way to use it, unless you have sensitive skin. Step into the light and grab those stray specks with a piece of tape. Just dab and lift! It may be a good idea to keep a small tape dispenser in your purse, in case you spot on before you step into the boardroom.

Enjoy the glitter but don’t let it linger. Use these easy methods for cleaning your skin.

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